The First Kill (Life on the Southside)

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Compton became newly Balkanised. It's such a tiny, impoverished piece of the Los Angeles sprawl, a few small square miles. And 20 years of bloodshed contained in the four words You from the South? Murder rates climbed year by year, but the rest of the world paid little attention. Who had even heard of Compton before ? NWA was the first group to lay out the ground rules for what became known as gangsta rap, mythologising the real violence that was taking place on their own doorstep.

NWA turned multi-platinum, and Eazy's label, Relentless, became a seemingly unstoppable money maker. Rap changed everything around here, offering a new hope. Until Eazy, the only glamorous get-rich-quick career plan on offer was dealing drugs. Gangsta rap, for a time, at least, was a way out of the gang lifestyle. He wanted some of what Eazy had. Knight founded his business on the production talent of Dr Dre, whom Suge - according to the rumours, at least - infamously strong-armed out of his contract with Eazy with the help of several thugs and a few baseball bats.

After , Death Row flourished; Relentless plummeted.

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The North was up, the South was down. To call Knight a gang banger would be a misnomer. Bangers are the poor, usually teenage boys who hang out on corners, protecting territory. But Suge enjoyed playing the role of godfather. It's no secret that he placed Bloods from his neighbourhood on his payroll. Money flooded into the North Side of Compton, but at a price. Tupac wasn't from Compton. He had been born in the east.

When Tupac was convicted in of sexually assaulting a female fan, Suge Knight saw his chance to gain control of the fastest-rising star in hip hop. Joining Death Row made Tupac a superstar, but it also brought out the worst in him. With Death Row acting like a gang itself, Tupac eagerly took to the role. The platinum rapper with a luxury apartment on Beverly Boulevard played the part of street-corner thug with relish.

Chicago's first serial killer - Chicago Tribune

In photo sessions, he wore the red rag on his head, holding up 'B' gang handsigns. In his open-top Jaguar, Tupac would roll through the Piru and Leuders Park Blood neighbourhoods, proudly mixing with his people. Orlando became enmeshed in the politics of Blood and Crip because he grew up among them. Tupac became affiliated out of choice. Ironically, it turns out that what Orlando really dreamed of was a career in the music business, but by , the year he turned 21, he had made little headway. He lived with Rasheena in her apartment in Lakewood, just south-east of Compton.

She was a student nurse, and by this time they had two girls, Krystal, then aged two, and Courtney, one. But he was also juggling another relationship, with a girl named Taiece Lanier, who had just given birth to a girl, Ariel. Only when Pooh returned to Compton in May after graduating from college did things start to progress.

He and Orlando decided to start a record label together and, believing in the power of positivity, called it Success Records. Orlando's other passion was sports. After Tupac was shot, the Las Vegas police were strongly criticised for failing to conduct follow-up interviews with possible witnesses who were in the cars behind Suge Knight's. Some of these, of course, were reluctant to talk to the police. Suge was the only person in the car with Tupac; Las Vegas police frostily described him as 'uncooperative'.

On 12 September, Compton police received a report from a gang contact who said that Bloods affiliated with Death Row believed Tupac's assault on Orlando had been prompted by an incident a few weeks earlier: One of the Crips snatched it. In South Central, that's like taking a war trophy. According to the informant, Tray had been part of the Death Row posse the night of the Tyson fight and had told Tupac in the seconds before Orlando Anderson was assaulted that Orlando was one of the Crips who had confronted him in the Foot Locker.

The informant then fingered Orlando as the man who later shot Tupac. In Compton, a bloody war broke out between the North and South Sides.

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Over the next few days, police counted 12 shooting incidents and three fatalities. Paranoia gripped the neighbourhood. On the night of 2 October, police officers swept down on the houses of known gang bangers in Compton and neighbourhoods to the south and east. The raid was ostensibly part of a crackdown to try to halt the warfare. But it also gave Compton police the opportunity to arrest Orlando. The affidavit that police prepared in order to obtain the arrest warrant cited additional informants who linked Orlando to violent gang warfare. The police arrested Orlando - not for the murder of Tupac Shakur, but for the 12 April slaying of a man named Edward Webb, who had been attacked from behind at a party and shot dead by 'several black males'.

Las Vegas detectives accompanied the Compton police, ready to question Orlando about the Tupac murder, but neither the Compton police nor the Las Vegas police department was able to turn the circumstantial evidence of the informants into anything that would make a case. In reality, much of their affidavit only detailed what members of Blood gangs and their associates at Death Row Records were saying about an alleged Crip.

The Las Vegas police could not link Orlando to Tupac's murder, nor were the Compton police able to satisfy the district attorney that they had enough to hold him even for the murder of Edward Webb. DA Janet Moore ordered that Orlando be released. At the time, her spokesperson merely announced: Three years later, and now employed in a different city, Moore refuses to go into the details of exactly why she made that decision.

In grim distinction, Va. killer is first to die based on DNA testing

Orlando was free, but now he was publicly identified by the damning - yet ultimately inconclusive - evidence that had been leaked to the press. He became 'the man who shot Tupac'. Now when he went out, he realised people were looking at him. To be known as the man who shot Tupac leant a surreal edge to Orlando's life. Once, he was in Underworld Records, a shop in a run-down mini-mall on Alondra Boulevard. A girl in the store spotted a book on sale called The Killing of Tupac Shakur.

The gaudy cover blared: He's alive and living in Cuba. The book, of course, contained a photo of Orlando, captioned. Suddenly, she looked up at the real Orlando. For a glorious second, everyone laughed. The girl watched Orlando, unnerved. But by , his reputation still hadn't killed him. Things seemed to be looking up. He would wake up early and take out his pit bulls, Blue and Na-Na, riding a bicycle along the sidewalks, with the dogs running behind. He and Rasheena had another daughter, Sierra. I can't spend the rest of my life worrying about Tupac. Success Records was finally starting to take shape.

Orlando had found a garage in Compton to act as its HQ: Cross claims he was Orlando's business adviser. Orlando was well-loved around here; everyone says he was generous and charismatic and not at all violent. I ask Cross how Orlando, an unemployed man with four daughters, could afford to set up his studio. When I press him, he sighs and says, 'Well, it's no secret. Death Row had made some payments to him. That's the money he was using. In , Suge had pleaded guilty to two counts of assault stemming from a vicious attack on two young would-be rappers he had caught using a telephone without his permission in his studio.

He was still on parole when the hotel security-camera video clearly showed Suge taking part in Tupac's assault on Orlando. Legal authorities had been looking for something they could use to put Suge behind bars. Orlando was subpoenaed to appear as a witness at Suge's parole hearings. When interviewed by Las Vegas police, Orlando had plainly told them Suge had assaulted him. But on the witness stand, he reversed his testimony. Suge was 'the only one I heard saying, "Stop this shit! The rumours began spreading that Suge had paid off Orlando.

And there was no doubt that for a man with no job, Orlando always seemed to have cash during his last year alive. Rappers all over LA remember how he would turn up with champagne.

Man, we drank it until it was gone, and then he went and got some more. Campbell says that Orlando was simply too terrified for his life to testify against Suge. Knight's attorney, David Kenner, has not responded to repeated requests for comment. Not that Campbell isn't partisan. She is, after all, pursuing a suit against the estate of Tupac Shakur, Death Row Records, Suge Knight and other unidentified persons for compensation for the injuries that Orlando received in the assault.

She is seeking punitive damages on behalf of Orlando's estate. I ask Pooh about the rumours that Suge paid Orlando to testify in his favour. Where is the money, then? I'm sure his kids need it. Pooh says that the financial investment in the studio was entirely his own. Pooh had worked as an extra and appeared in a TV commercial, and had saved enough to provide the seed money.

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  5. Life and death in South Central LA;
  6. Orlando's role was to deliver the talent and the industry contacts. That Orlando bought champagne for people in the business he wanted to impress isn't that unusual. It's how business is often done in the hip hop industry. The money, Pooh insists, probably came from family members who felt sorry for Orlando.

    The hidden inference enrages him. South Central can be like a maze. Rumours take on a life of their own. In this divided place, whispers and innuendo turn half-truths into hard fact. On 29 May last year, Utah Williams, the year-old matriarch at the heart of Orlando's family, died in the hospital where she'd been taken after a fall.

    Orlando's mother Charlotte remained at the hospital, so Orlando, who had been waiting for her at the family home, decided to go out and get a burger with an old friend, Michael Reed Dorrough. A little after 3pm, driving a borrowed Chevvy Blazer, he pulled into the parking lot of Cigs Record Store, at the intersection of Alondra and Oleander.

    Though both groups are Crips, they are rivals.

    Chicago soul

    According to the police, Orlando spotted Michael Stone at a car wash across the intersection and confronted him about money that Orlando believed Michael owed him. Michael was accompanied by his nephew, Jerry Stone. Tempers rose, and a gunfight erupted. All four were hit; Orlando and the Stones were all fatally injured. With Dorrough in the passenger seat, Orlando tried to drive to safety. He only made it a few blocks, to the corner of Willowbrook and Cocoa, on the far side of Compton High, before lapsing into unconsciousness. The three were pronounced dead at the Martin Luther King Jr-Drew Medical Center - the hospital locals call it 'Killer King' because so many of the young men who go there, often with gunshot wounds, are dead by the time they leave.

    Around 4pm that day, the pagers began to go off. News of Orlando's shooting spread fast. A rapper friend of his rushed to the scene. He noted that the police hadn't even taped off the shot-up Blazer. To him, it was as if they didn't even think Orlando was worth it. But in the following days, the Tribune's headlines revealed the growing, horrifying reality that Holmes wasn't just a con man: He said they came easier.

    Swindler of men, betrayer of women, he has left behind him a wake of ruin and tears that not all the courts of America can wash away," the Tribune reported. The story detailed his goofy swindles, such as his patented water-to-gas invention and his "discovery" of an artesian well in his basement that produced water with amazing curative powers. It also revealed his multiple wives, who were sometimes pretty but always wealthy.

    Both she and her sister were missing. The answer and horrifying truth would have to wait about eight months. On July 15, , the bodies of Pitzel's two daughters, Alice and Nellie, were discovered buried in a cellar in Toronto. Little Howard was believed dead, but his body was still missing.

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    6. Chester D. Turner is Los Angeles’ most prolific killer..
    7. The swindler was revealed to be a serial killer. It was front-page news across the country.

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      And the search for other bodies began. In Chicago, authorities looking for clues turned to Holmes' house. The Tribune described it in a article: In all America there was none other like it. Its chimneys stuck out where chimneys should never stick out. Its stairways ended nowhere in particular. Winding passages brought the uninitiated with a frightful jerk back to where they had started from. There were rooms that had no doors. There were doors that had no rooms. A mysterious house it was indeed — a crooked house, a reflex of the builder's own distorted mind.

      In that house occurred dark and eerie deeds. Holmes had created a "murder factory. A third-floor room was a veritable bank vault, padded to muffle sound and fitted with a gas pipe to asphyxiate victims. A hidden shaft to the cellar made for easy disposal of bodies. And it was the cellar of the "murder factory" where Holmes undoubtedly worked, the Tribune reported. Behind a fake wall, police found a butcher's table, quicklime vats, bones, bloody clothing — and a crematory. In the oven, "They found a woman's watch chain. They found the buckle of a woman's garter," the Tribune reported.

      Through the summer, Tribune readers learned of Holmes' other victims, including the Conner family.

      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)
      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)
      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)
      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)
      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)
      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)
      The First Kill (Life on the Southside) The First Kill (Life on the Southside)

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