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With globalization, new technologies and the rise of significant environmental, social and political issues, business leaders are facing change and uncertainty. Adaptability is also crucial if organizations are to become more sustainable and develop innovative strategies for long-term profitability. The ONE speakers will be addressing these issues and will provide tools, tactics and resources to help CPAs navigate change.

Choose from a variety of sessions and panels in our interactive streams and earn additional CPD hours by adding on a pre- or post-conference workshop. Additional options and pricing may be available. See pricing and registration for more details. Registration and Continental breakfast. Composing Your World Speaker: Kai Kight, Innovator, Speaker, Violinist Join Kai Kight, contemporary violinist and inspirational speaker, as he shares stories and insights from the world of music that can be used by CPAs.

Kai will be discussing how to tap into your creative potential and how to empower others to do the same.

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With his skills as an improviser, he will also share how to build the confidence to take action in times of uncertainty and how to resiliently adapt in times of disruption. Come early and listen closely as this will surely be an experience you will not want to miss! The Future-Ready Finance Leader: The future-ready Leader is aware of the changing context and trends, predictive of where the trends are going and capable of leading adaptation inside the organization.

You will learn about how to apply a framework to help you lead with strategic foresight and disrupt yourself before you get disrupted. The Buzz Around Blockchain Speaker: How many times this week have you heard someone say blockchain? Blockchain is a topic that is exploding in the technology industry, but despite the hype - a lot of people don't really understand what blockchain is, how it works, and what it means for you and business in general. We've got this session to cover this exciting new technology, so we're going to start with the basics. We'll be looking at what it is, industry use, and the benefits and downfalls of blockchain technology.

It's transforming industries from banking and government to healthcare and logistics, so it's time to up your knowledge on this tech trend. After this session, you will: Accounting Standards Update Speaker: Find out how you can stay current on technical matters of interest to you.

From challenges related to labour shortage to trends in the oil market and trade relationship with the United States, discover how Canadian businesses should navigate the economy to position themselves for growth. TOSI Planning, Corporate passive investments, year end planning, 55 2 issues and planning, use of trusts, and more.

In this session, our presenters will discuss the recent changes made by both the Ontario Securities Administrators and the Accounting Standards Board. We will also provide insight on how this impacts the external auditors. Economic growth is highly dependent on new business ventures. CPAs have a critical role in assisting entrepreneurs in their quest to make a great idea a great business.

This session will involve a panel of speakers describing what is required to take a great idea to a great business. The session will focus on CPAs providing practical advice to entrepreneurs. Panelist will discuss how best to attract early investment and mentorship to the new business. The session will include practical tips and examples of how a CPA can assist entrepreneurs in starting and building the business. Topic areas will include: Managing Risks That Cause Panic: Cultivating Sustainability Through Adaptability Speaker: David Prime, National RAS Partner, BDO Canada LLP The business world is being transformed at unprecedented levels in terms of barriers to trade, political climates, and through technology and innovation, opening the floodgates to a risk prone environment.

Moreover, a real concern for businesses today is that as innovation is implemented to navigate these risks, it does so at uneven speeds and sometimes differing directions within a company. Businesses that have the capacity to foster and harness innovation to evolve a business and generate value are typically those that are also successful. For many, the budgeting process is too time consuming and is often developed as a purely financial exercise in isolation to strategy and operational needs.

This session will arm CPAs with a focused approach to collaborative planning that will lead to more timely and relevant budgets.

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A brief overview of relevant operational planning tools will also help attendees understand the value of technology as a key enabler for this approach. This session will focus on the impact of new legislation on private businesses, traps to avoid, and what solutions the CPA might propose to clients given the new landscape. Accounting Literacy in Your Organization and Beyond: This session will draw on research with a system called Color Accounting and will explore the surprising reasons why some "non-financial people" don't grasp accounting.

You'll hear thought-provoking insights into the structure, language and mechanics of accounting - insights that are key to unlocking the subject for the many who need to understand it better. This will bring opportunities and challenges to business leaders. This session will explore an overview of the Canadian cannabis marketplace, including the accounting and financial reporting aspects of emerging cannabis companies.

The panel will also consider the implications of doing business with a cannabis company, such as accounting for investments, business relationships and the broader business considerations. Why Audit Quality Matters Moderator: But what about an external audit of your business? They can differ in their quality. In recent years, the turbulent events of the global financial crisis have dramatically highlighted the importance of credible, high-quality financial reporting and auditing.

And the issue of audit quality has been emerging rapidly, as constant changes from regulatory and standards-setting bodies to improve audit quality have become the norm. During this session we will explore what is audit quality and if it differs from quality audits.

We will discuss who has the primary responsibility for quality audits - External Auditors, Management, Those Charged with Governance, Regulators or Users. We will discuss what are the challenges with audit quality and how to overcome these challenges? Lastly, we will discuss how to measure a quality audit.

Chantal Bernier, Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Group, Dentons Artificial intelligence, which combines data and quantum computing will become necessary for growth in most industries. However, The Cambridge Analytica revelations and Facebook controversy in early once again thrust ethical data use into the spotlight. It is clear that we must strike a balance between privacy regulation and staying ahead in industry using data.

This session will cover how intelligent business leaders can use this opportunity to their advantage; using good data practices and transparency to increase customer confidence, data quality and insights. Panel members will share their perspectives on why sustainability matters, the importance of developing a sustainability roadmap and the evolutionary journey of putting corporate social responsibility into practice.

CFO of the Year Speaker: Join the recipient, Nathalie Bernier, as she describes the evolution of her role. Sustainability on an urban planet: Accelerating innovation to trigger transformative change Speaker: The push and pull of these contradictory trends comes at a time of great change for humanity.

Everywhere we look, society is being reordered. But many of the technologies needed to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and pursue a sustainable future have existed for decades.

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Why has the uptake been so desperately slow? Why are experiments in low-carbon communities so scattered, disconnected and often incremental? This talk explores the challenge of moving beyond incrementalism towards transformation: I consider the untapped potential of small businesses, which often face significant capital constraints and human resource challenges, but possess enormous capacity to produce the radical technical and social innovations that may lead us along the pathway to a fundamentally sustainable future. Within both small and large firms, I investigate the crucial role that accountants can play in tracking, accelerating, and making visible sustainability experiments.

Ultimately, this talk pushes us to view the challenge of sustainability as an opportunity to have a deeper conversation about what we value, and the many pathways we can follow to realize environmentally and socially just futures. Optional Early Riser Session 1: The Evolution of Wealth Management Sponsored by: If only there were inviolable truths, timeless and universal, that could lead us to investment success.

Behavioural economics, contemporary asset allocation and risk-factor diversification offer a more advanced way to navigate financial markets. Boiled down to its essence, investment is about making decisions. Join Brad Simpson, Chief Wealth Strategist, to hear about Risk Priority Management, a set of guiding principles designed to provide a map in a world that's constantly changing, often with dramatic impact on financial markets.

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Optional Early Riser Session 2: Designing better audit tools to help smaller firms win back time Sponsored by: These changes are largely due to advances in technology that enable new ways of working. When it comes to audit, many manual tasks can be automated and communication can be streamlined and done from anywhere. These efficiencies can mean significant time and cost savings for firms and may open up new opportunities such as the ability to provide higher value permissible advisory and strategic services to their clients. Even without automating certain processes, planning and managing projects efficiently makes a big difference.

Reporting, communication, and resource management are three key areas that present challenges for firms. Working with small accounting firms, Auvenir has built a solution that will help accounting firms tackle these three key pain points, and as a platform, brings together sophisticated tools to streamline the audit process from planning to completion. Optional Early Riser Session 3: Alan Whitehouse, Chief Software Architect, True Sky As the organization grows, as more people are involved, and as the complexity increases, the challenges faced grow exponentially.

This session will discuss some of the common pitfalls experienced when budgeting and forecasting and provide insights into how to avoid them. Wildly Uncompromising Business Success Speaker: It's a subtle but powerful shift. People start to pay attention.

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Because Julien isn't your typical speaker—he's an insight machine. In this fast-paced, hyper-informative talk, he takes on our current business environment and reveals why the prevailing strategies for innovation and disruption aren't enough. As CPAs, you must adapt to the changing future. Sustainability through adaptability is key. Julien shares the foundation of his process—knowledge, versatility, and courage—and explains why you must first understand the evolution of nature and human beings to begin to master the evolution of business.

When you hear Julien speak, you begin to understand the hidden reasons behind your actions and why the CPA industry may be suffering. You learn precisely what's getting in the way of larger success. And you walk away with the tools you need to transform who you are and what you're doing, all with the goal of making you better. People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them.

For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Are your personal social responsibilities worth-while? How do you measure the impact of your service? What do you get beyond personal satisfaction of contributing to a cause that you are passionate about? What about value to your employer -- How do you communicate that? They will examine the evolution of crypto currency and its adoption, examine risks and advantages, discuss the regulatory, tax and accounting implications, and provide insight into current and foreseeable future of digital currency and payment processing.

Join them as they outline the full range of new technology that is available to your clients and how it can revolutionize their business. You will receive a call from our partner retailers to confirm the schedule of the delivery. Our appointed retailers cover basic installations such as ensuring the TV can be turned on will be done by device installers.

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Additional installations such as mounting will need to be arranged with appointed retailers. Yes, Maxis will offer higher speeds when the infrastructure are ready to support such speeds. Please stay tuned for the latest updates. Free DECT phone is provided for new customers. Existing customers may use the home phone that was provided with their current MaxisONE Home Fibre plan, or plug in their own telephone.

A monthly subscription of RM10 will be reflected in your bill. To cancel your iflix VIP subscription, open the iflix app menu, choose account, then my plan, and cancel recurring. For existing customers, your current VOIP number will be maintained after changing your plan. However, if you are switching from another provider, you will not be able to retain your VOIP number and you will have a new number from Maxis.

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If your home fiber installation is delayed for more than 2 months due to various issues no slot, coverage check not done properly, no port , Maxis will notify the customer accordingly. Personal About Maxis Newsroom. Personal Business About Maxis. Find out more about the new Zerolution, a worry-free leasing programme that offers you the best way to enjoy high-end smartphones without having to worry about damage or theft Find out how much your MaxisONE Prime plan will be Fibre Internet Mobile Plan Devices Step 1 Choose a home fibre option: Step 2 Choose number of Share Lines: Maxis ONE Plan Step 3 Would you like to add on a device?

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