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However, I like how the story went, it was not only focused on their love story, but also about other things like family issues and the like. I suggest you read it to see how they developed feelings for each other and what made Magnus inquire the apartment!? It was a nice story, for me, and good artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it! Titles You Have Viewed Recently. You have not viewed any titles recently. Harlequin - Cinderella Heroine. In fact, perhaps she'd make a most suitable wife….

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A Most Suitable Wife

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  8. Walking down to the water's edge, Elizabeth stopped to view a Dragonfly perched on a reed, it's majestic body shimmering in the summer's rays. Just like her, he seemed entirely content, free to enjoy the beauty around him. As she turned to make her way towards the drive she was surprised when a young girl appeared from the path hidden by a large pruned bush.

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    Both started, each clearly not expecting to encounter anyone else during their ramble. Elizabeth coloured as she noticed the distinct resemblance to Mr Darcy and dropped to a quick curtsy, the young girl mirrored and smiled apprehensively.


    Elizabeth bit her lip uncertainly, they had not been introduced and to presume to introduce herself would be considered poor manners, but given the unexpectedness of their meeting, she felt that there was no other course of action but to speak directly to Miss Darcy.

    Miss Darcy's eyes widened but she quickly schooled her features and again attempted to smile, this time with forced confidence. I am Miss Darcy, welcome to my home'. Elizabeth felt the colour rising to her cheeks as she realised it entirely possible that Mr Darcy had informed his sister of his proposal in Kent, Miss Darcy however looked up at her and beamed leaving Elizabeth entirely confused.

    Do you know my brother? Nervously, Elizabeth cleared her throat and tilted her head. We were in company on a few occasions.

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    An expression of pleasure suffused Miss Darcy's face 'He is not, my brother is visiting a friend in Ireland currently, I expect him to return in the next few days. Am I right to believe that you are Miss Elizabeth Bennett? Will you walk with me Miss Bennett? We very rarely receive visitors at Pemberley, and my brother wrote to me of you often, I feel as though we have already met… but only if your party are not waiting for you of course..

    The two ladies turned and walked the path alongside the lake, Miss Darcy it appeared was painfully shy, but attempting to fulfil her duties of mistress and thus making an effort to talk to a relative stranger. Elizabeth felt relief, though Mr Darcy had written to his sister of her, it would appear that Miss Darcy was unaware of her last meeting with Mr Darcy. During their walk, Elizabeth was pleasantly surprised by Miss Darcy and she learned much about the young lady.

    They shared their love of music, Miss Darcy was obviously passionate on the subject and became increasingly more animated and relaxed in her company. Elizabeth could not reconcile this young woman to the girl that Mr Wickham had described, she was shy, unsure, but not proud. On reaching the end of the path, Elizabeth spotted Mr and Mrs Gardiner making their way towards them. She nervously wondered how Miss Darcy would react on being introduced to a Tradesman, but the genuine and slightly apprehensive smile that Miss Darcy was directing at her Aunt and Uncle made her confident that Miss Darcy would not be offended.

    Mrs Gardiner took her niece's arm when both parties met and smiled warmly at Miss Darcy.

    A Most Suitable Wife

    Aunt, Uncle might I introduce Miss Darcy. It is her home that we have been admiring'. Miss Darcy immediately dropped to a curtsy and smiled at both of Elizabeth's relatives. I apologise for delaying your niece. Mrs Gardiner shook her head and laughed 'Please do not be sorry, we were delayed ourselves. Pemberley is magnificent, such a beautiful and grand estate, I fear we quite forgot ourselves'. Miss Darcy inclined her head slightly in acceptance of the compliment.

    She glanced at Elizabeth quickly and then back at the Gardiners. Miss Gardiner registered the surprise on Elizabeth's face, but smiled openly at Miss Darcy and exclaimed her delight and honour at the invitation and confirmed that they would be pleased to further their acquaintance. Elizabeth clasped her hands in front of her and smiled, it would be impolite to refuse the invitation, but she was nervous about the possibility of being at Pemberley when Mr Darcy returned.

    It is only sad that you will be returning home before my brother returns.

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    He shall be sad to have missed making your acquaintance'. Mr Gardiner tipped his hat to Miss Darcy 'Sadly business calls me home, I have delayed my business for as long as possible, indeed we shall be sad to miss meeting him also. The carriage drawing into the courtyard caused the party to begin walking back towards the house, the ladies discussing their plans to meet on the morrow and Mr Gardiner following them at a leisurely pace.

    At the Inn, Mrs Gardiner expressed her surprise at meeting Mrs Darcy, especially as the party had been assured that the family were not due to return to their country estate for another week. I am very much looking forward to taking tea with her tomorrow.

    A Most Suitable Wife A Most Suitable Wife
    A Most Suitable Wife A Most Suitable Wife
    A Most Suitable Wife A Most Suitable Wife
    A Most Suitable Wife A Most Suitable Wife
    A Most Suitable Wife A Most Suitable Wife
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    A Most Suitable Wife A Most Suitable Wife

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