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Often this is an intentional tactic, and creationist Duane Gish 's habit of deliberately overloading his opponent with false statements that there isn't enough time to debunk has led to this being named the Gish Gallop. The degree of public support for creationism can give decision-makers the erroneous impression that mainstream scientists more specifically, experienced biologists actually doubt evolution. In fact there is overwhelming support for evolution in the scientific community , and scientific organizations have issued position statements to this effect.

The controversy over evolution exists solely in the sphere of politics.


Origins debate

As discussed above, politics is the realm of debate where either side can "win" - whereas science is the realm of, well, science , where the winning side is determined by reality and the losers change their minds to agree or are sidelined by the community. So it's not entirely unexpected that the political field gives rise to mantras such as " Teach the Controversy " or "let the children decide for themselves" because such things are perfectly acceptable ideals when discussing what party policies to vote for.

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They're not acceptable, however, when there is an arbiter reality to say what is actually true; schools don't "teach the controversy" about Holocaust denial, for instance. In the realm of science, theories are simply supplanted by better ones based on how successfully they explain observations and predict future observations. On the creation side there is no data, other than endless tables of who begat who, and there are no explanatory models, only critiques of those models which are proposed by the evolution side.

The debate becomes more than merely academic when school boards are asked to decide if creationism is as sound a theory of the origin of species as evolution. Fundamentalists , in an effort to advance their version of Christianity , have attempted to get Bible -based creationism taught in science classes in public school. The political power of the creation side reached a high point in when a Tennessee teacher was put on trial for teaching Darwinism.

Fundamentalism beat a hasty retreat and did not make a serious impact again until the s, when creation science was rolled out, with demands to teach it side-by-side with orthodox biology in the public schools. Creation "science" was taken straight from the bible, teaching a six-day creation and grouping animals into " kinds " which were created by God. In the s in court decisions such as McLean v.

Arkansas and Edwards v. Aguillard the creation science curriculum was thrown out of schools on the grounds that it taught the origin story from a specific religion , namely Christianity, and therefore violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Ironically , fundamentalism continued to evolve. In the s, they rolled out their new model, called " intelligent design ", which made two "advances" over creation science.


One, it avoided mentioning the identity of the being or beings who are alleged to have made the blueprints for the universe. Two, it put forward a case that certain organs such as the eye, or a bird 's wing, or the rotating flagellum of bacteria could not have evolved in gradual stages because the incomplete version of the organ would hinder the reproductive strategies of the creature in question. Current efforts to promote ID within society , termed the wedge strategy , are described in a Discovery Institute document. In , in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District decision, intelligent design was also declared unconstitutional i.

Why does it matter who is right concerning the cause of the origin of species? It would not matter much if people merely used their religious views to make personal decisions on moral issues; however, fundamentalists have made it clear that they wish to change society to reflect their worldview and that this change includes having creationism taught in science class.

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The Wedge Document even laid out the specific goal of replacing materialistic explanations with religious claims, which would grind science to a halt by removing its ability to test hypotheses. While evolution is good science, creationism is not, and teaching creationism as science does not demonstrate to students how to properly do science.

Even if evolution were wrong, which it is not, it would still have value as it teaches the scientific method. Since learning proper science develops scientific literacy and scientific literacy is essential for creating and using the technology that benefits society, it should be everyone's concern that the origins debate be settled in favor of science.

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The earliest and midrange specimens' mitochondrial DNA which is inherited from the mother was almost entirely local. But he contends that his new results also show the migration was on a smaller scale than previously speculated; the more recent specimens apparently only made it as far as central Europe before returning, even though the language eventually spread as far as the British Isles. Nikitin also believes the dissemination was not as violent as it is often made out to be. David Anthony, an anthropologist at Hartwick College, who co-authored several of the earlier genetic studies but was not involved in the latest work, calls the new findings very convincing.

Yet Anthony disagrees with the interpretation that this was a small and mostly peaceful affair.

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Without written words, language transmission at the time would have depended largely on face-to-face contact, he says, suggesting the PIE speakers swept well across Europe and Asia. He believes linguistic and archaeological evidence, including weapons found in graves, suggests the language's progenitors had a warrior culture. Both researchers caution against reading too much into genetic evidence alone. Many other social and cultural forces were at play.

The Origin Debate

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