Imwiela (German Edition)

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German Language Facts German is spoken by over million people world-wide as a first language. Tm pastor U out of the city on a vacation i and there. Andrew's bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbdsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbibbbbbB ' p,, nit prayer meeting Wednesday services! Applied;" evening, "The Oos-pel,' tor. Mid ' resignation of the pastor.

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Joseph's hospital ,- Bev, aid's Housc"Ps, , Hagg. B,', chaplain Redeemer English" Luthrron church 1: No services in the church on Sunday. Kroll, pastorHervlces, 10 a, m. Thomas Mungovan, as I' if ner Boone and Pry streets. Preathing at 10 church', Jefferskn and Webster streets, 0: J, Motscbman, pastor Sunday p. No"evening service during school at 0.

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Mary's German , corner of Lafayette, the summer, Bev. August Lingo, at 8: Paul's; on,lJAir street, pcv. There will also bo a W.

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Prayer Woellng Cathedral of the Immaculate! Conception, Wednesday cvcrtlns; as usual. J,0'Bcllley,'asalst- cci vices for children, 2 00 p. Webster Bailey, pastor No J. No preach-lug school at 3 p. The pastor Cunday seivjcoa;, Lceper, pjstor Tho pastor Church of the Precious Blnnd, ror glto cna or twolntevesthif: Tho nulls "i Bev, D.

Prayer meet- with vimon, at 10,00 a. Lecper will return this tribes nnd wear b vnlfaro, Fully end Frances streets Pleaching at week nnd services will ba. J Fletcher and Alllger streets. Craven, of India no preaching service.

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Y, St Paul M. As this s the eral class, li45 a. A will be home front ,h r outing and B. A, will preach, morning and evening, school 0. Meeting for men'at EpWorib. Ireland, leader, Btllroad men's hit social to'be given Thursday, August meeting, conducted by the devotional W, Burns, goneral amounting,to , tons, nnd Increases: Uiicle Billy, Klpperly, acts as portress, Just as In ether convents. Simpson church All services as secretary to.


The modern steam vacht. J Senior every Sunday at Mo. The accommodations league, 7 p. J sermon, 8 p. Jn cruise one of the deligths pf the aeai. The,Increase In the prison. DeWaid and Clinton streets, fcer.

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J, Ion of I'. Mm Ion Crawford's novel, ''In tho I'll luce of the King," la tare shown devoted tot the purpose and kept snd. Thomas Tigar and S. Noel moved from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne in , hauling a printing press with them. They founded the "Sentinel" in a market that was bereft of a good newspaper at the time. The first edition was published July 6, After several mergers and name changes over the decades since, it continues to play an important role in the community today.

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Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)
Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)
Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)
Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)
Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)
Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)
Imwiela (German Edition) Imwiela (German Edition)

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