Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age

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Harry Potter Years by J. Rowling , Hardcover Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 1 by J. The magic of this category of food produced from the sacred bee hive appears to be the source in which they come from.

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Bees are cultivators and travel from some of the most mana-filled areas of nature. What this means is they are absorbing the intrinsic factors of nature and these energies are giving us that direct connection when we consume these foods raw. Each one of these foods has its own properties that make them complete nutrition sources and excellent foods for a longevity diet. When combined, they become a power house of nutrition that could store in the body for future needs.

R Russia , a biologist and botanist, did a long term study on the longest living people in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, he was very intrigued with what reports have stated over people living in the upwards of years of age, some say even What was most surprising to Professor Tsitsin was all of the natives were still working well into their older age. This was a clear sign of remarkable health. The common theme he was looking for between the people was that they all worked with bees and what they consumed regularly was the thick residual accumulation of honey they harvested fresh from the combs.

Tsitsin was served a portion of what he would believe to be their anti aging nectar, a sticky glob-like substance honey that had inside it noticeably large amounts of bee pollen.

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The sweet nectar we call honey has had a long history as a revered longevity enhancing food in different civilizations such as Egypt, the Middle East, Ancient China, mighty Rome, mythical Greece, and traditional Central America. Honey has had different uses than just food. In Egypt they used it for embalming the dead. It was used as an ointment for burns and skin rashes as well as helping to alleviate throat issues like chronic bronchitis and asthmatic conditions.

Topical honey has been used in the place of topical antibiotics for diabetic ulcers. Honey is a verified antibacterial substance because of the natural hydrogen peroxide properties present in most honey. Honey has been used in Ayurvedic, Chinese and many branches of anti aging medicine through their traditional applications. A common practice in China, as well as India, is to ball up certain herbs and honey an effective herbal delivery system.

The nutritional complex of raw honey is very impressive, far more than any other sweetener. Honey is a far superior source of carbohydrates than heavier sources before and after workouts to influence muscle recuperation.


The carbohydrates stored in the muscle glycogen help effective restoration. Most protein supplements contain a carbohydrate derived from corn called maltodextrin which is used to compliment protein intake. Studies have verified that using honey instead of maltodextrin has equal, if not better, effects for muscle repair. Honey has a good response in moderation for those dealing with glycemic sensitivities due to the complex sugars it gradually releases into the blood stream, making it a sustainable source of energy. Honey is extremely enzymatic, making it much more digestible than more sugar concentrated foods, specifically processed carbohydrates, which, in most cases, glob up our cells and can shorten our life span.

The big problem with carbohydrates in conventional food practices is that they are void of complimenting nutrients which honey has in excess. It has an impressive list of minerals which may vary depending on the source of the pollination. For instance, Manuka honey is said to have the highest concentration of minerals of any honey.

The darker the honey , the more dense the nutrition is in most cases, assuming it is raw, organic, and unfiltered, making it an ideal food for a longevity diet. Organic Raw Unprocessed Honey This is ultra-high quality honey just like nature intended—raw, unheated, unfiltered and organic. Unfiltered honey has small amounts of naturally occurring superfoods like propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly in addition to the medicinally active, delicious honey itself. Most other honeys are filtered which removes these health and longevity boosting compounds. A true, holistic superfood from the bees.

Bee pollen is one of the best sources of nutrition in nature, making it an excellent addition to a healthy diet. It can bridge the gap for almost anyone experiencing nutrient deficiencies.

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Bee pollen exceeds all animal products as a complete protein. Serious athletes and body builders have used this food for decades. Muhammed Ali who is considered the greatest boxer of all time by many was known to start using bee pollen to supplement his training. Bee pollen is one of the most concentrated sources of polysaccharides essential sugars , that reprogram our immune system. Bee pollen also contains a high amount of RNA ribonucleic acid and DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid , nucleic acids that aid in the formation of healthy cells and can stimulate the growth of new skin tissue.

As a result of these unique nucleic acids, it can positively effect our genetic code and is a key component of a longevity diet. You can mix half a tablespoon or possible even less with some honey or just eat it straight. Greenbow Organic Bee Pollen Harvested from bees that feed exclusively on organic, wild, non-gmo, pesticide, herbicide and completely chemical-free plants and flowers.

Greenbow bee pollen is harvested and kept at low temperatures throughout the bottling process to ensure heat-sensitive, anti aging compounds and nutrient remain intact. When the time comes for the worker bees of a colony to breed a new queen they must select several small larvae to feed them generous amounts of royal jelly in order to initiate the transitional stages. Royal jelly is the secretion from a honey bee used as a high quality source of nutrition originally for the development of the queen.

In asian cultures, royal jelly is celebrated as a longevity food, supporting fertility, immunity, and long life. Considering how this food in particular is reserved for the queen bee who lives exceedingly longer than regular worker bees, the queen also matures sexually whereas the worker bees do not. This presents an interesting idea, such as the doctrine of signatures, when looking at the potential of a food so unique and exclusive to the royalty of an entire species. Royal jelly contains many of the same B-complex vitamins in honey and bee pollen along with sources of different amino acids, simple sugars monosaccharides , and fatty acids.

The main constituent of royal jelly that causes a female larvae to develop into a fully matured queen bee is the individual protein royalactin. This protein seems to cause a phenotypical change in the bee, giving it a larger size and ovary development. Bee products have always been linked to increased sexual health and royal jelly seems to be no different.

Royal jelly has also been shown to improve brain health by stimulating the growth of glial cells provide protection and support to brain neurons and neural stem cells self renewable cells. If you decide to use royal jelly then do it sparingly since it is very potent. About the size of your pinky finger tip is enough to begin with. I have been known to throw a small spoonful into raw chocolate fudge or just it eat straight.

Fresh Royal Jelly has a superior beehive quality with maximum level of HDA, safely preserved by blending with energy packed raw honey capable of naturally crystallizing and maintaining its thick consistency. Beekeepers are serious about true, honest, healthy bee products.

Longevity Diet: 12 Superfoods to Rejuvenate Body and Mind

One of the finest Royal Jelly products available worldwide—ideally for longevity diets. Propolis is the resinous material that is collected by bees from a mixture of botanical sources. This waxy substance is used to provide protection from outside invaders as well as to seal up any holes or cracks in the hive. Propolis has been studied extensively for its unique anti-bacterial compounds that have been used all through human history as food and treatments.

Bees are depicted on Egyptian vases because it is a well known fact that they used this product of the hive effectively for sores and ulcers and other life extending properties. The Egyptians were also known to use strips of propolis on the bodies of the deceased in order to prevent decay from microbes and other bacterial infections. The temperature inside the hive is kept at approximately 95 F. Yet the hive remains the most sterile environment found in nature. Propolis has antibacterial and fungicidal agents and contains many different antibiotic substances. The nutritional composition of propolis varies from hive to hive, like most natural foods.

These are considered to be the bacteria fighting compounds in this exotic, longevity enhancing substance. These flavonoids are a type of plant pigment found in certain fruits and vegetables as well as flowers found in nature. Our immune system gets attacked on a daily basis.

Flavonoids add a tremendous antioxidant surge to our body, thus empowering our immune system to full strength. Oxidative stress on our internal system is a major issue in any city environment, especially considering the food choices most people are making. Terms some people may be familiar with are polyphenols cellular restoration, blocks cancer cells from forming , quercetin Anti-inflammatory, helps vitamin C work better , and epicatachin supports heart health , circulatory health-also found in cacao which are different types of flavonoids that work to increase vigor and extend all forms of life and should be included on any longevity diet!

Bee Farms Raw High Potency Propolis Extract A highly potent, raw propolis extract infused into raw honey for maximum efficacy and best taste. Cacao is the seed of a fruit where all chocolate in the world comes from.

Healthy Foods for Manual Laborers and Contractors

There is literally no chocolate bar in creation that did not start, in some portion, from the cacao producing tree. A food shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years, it has recently come into prominence. This may be the most powerful super food in existence for the simple fact it has the most universal appeal. The world at large has already fallen in love with this food, they just did not know it.

They have been involved in a love affair with chocolate not realizing it was the cacao they craved. Cacao is the most chemically complex food ever identified under scientific analysis making it the most unique, nutritionally compacted, and culinarily versatile. Cacao is the most alchemical food because it can go from a nut to a chocolate bar—it transforms itself with the assistance of a chocolatier.

There is a movement of raw, organic, vegan chocolate making sweeping the health food world. The alchemical purpose of this is to use chocolate as a delivery vehicle for herbal medicine. Herbs are a class of food and work best when delivered through a food source. This has been traditionally practiced in regions of central and south America for thousands of years.

Introducing this form of medicine is the most profound and effective way to get other super foods and herbs into the body. This can be done via solid raw chocolates, raw fudges, or hot herbal elixirs recipes provided in the back of the book , all excellent additions to any longevity diet.

Low temperature dried and processed for maximum nutrient bioavailability and freshness. Rich in Theobromine, PEA and other anti aging compounds. A core component of any diet for reversing aging. Theobromine is the bitter alkaloid most abundant in cacao chocolate among 17 other identified plants including Yerba Mate Illex paragueriensis , Ilex Guayusa, and Kola Nuts. It is a part of the methylxanthine class of alkaloids which include theophylline, mattiene, and caffeine as sibling molecules.

Theobromine may in fact be the most potent and physiologically supportive alkaloid that is appropriate for consistent consumption. The worlds absolute favorite food is chocolate in all of its incarnations. It appears, based on strict scientific research and observational studies that dark chocolate cacao is the single most cardiovascular protective food across the board, making it an ideal addition to a longevity diet. Researchers followed the men for 15 years. Even when factors such as smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise were considered the protective aspects of chocolate consumptions proved stable.

This has been attributed to the vast array of polyphenols in chocolate that speed up nitric oxide production in the blood. I surmise that this is a big factor but more important is the theobromine content. Theobromine has been shown to effectively lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. It is a vasodilator meaning it dilates the blood capillaries increasing oxygen absorption and smooth blood flow. The stimulatory effects of theobromine are similar to caffeine except theobromine does not affect the central nervous system, it is entirely a cardiovascular stimulant.

Clearly it is one of the best foods for longevity and health.

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  • From theobromine was isolated and administered via intravenous injection to revive heart attack victims. Theobromine has also been identified as the most effective anti-asthmatic compound found in nature. The bronchial muscles that reside at the ends of the lower bronchus can become tight, inhibiting oxygen flow leading to asthma. Theobromine is a bronchial dilator known to alleviate the symptoms of asthma by loosening the bronchial muscle. I have seen this effect first hand working with actors and musicians in Los Angeles. One day they are caught with a cough, or strep throat from either smoking or performing extensively, I make them a special cacao tonic and the very next day their symptoms have dissipated.

    One of the most commonly abused alkaloids is caffeine via inorganic high acid-forming coffee. I want to acknowledge my long held assumptions about coffee and be one of the first in the field of living foods to contend that not all coffee products are created equal. Body Under Construction is an All-in-One Full-Colored workbook that uses a balance of optimal nutrition and fitness to assist the everyman and everywoman in: Book Available on Amazon.

    Make your health resolution count! Buy Body Under Construction and start building your body edifice today!

    Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age
    Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age
    Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age
    Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age
    Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age Body Under Construction: How To Build And Maintain Optimal Health At Any Age

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