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Along with the infamous "psych test", in which the prospective cadet faced their greatest fear, unannounced tests could take place at any time during the exam period. Not all candidates made entry into Starfleet Academy on their first attempt; however, if their scores were high enough in the competition they could be eligible to reapply the following year. If the results of the reapplication were sufficiently high they were accepted into the Academy. For non-Federation citizens, a candidate could attend the Academy if they were sponsored and had a letter of reference written on their behalf by a command level officer.

Once this was accomplished, the candidate was eligible for the Academy Preparatory Exam. The Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program was the next stage for consideration of admission, which consisted of six weeks of summer classes.


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By passing the Preparatory Program, a candidate's admission was ensured, as they had then proved to the admissions committee that they were prepared, or determined, to become a cadet. Once this had been accomplished, the candidate was then eligible for the Academy entrance exam. The Academy program typically lasted four years, though certain programs lasted five, six, or eight years. The Academy had a separate program for the training of enlisted crewpeople, which included receiving basic training and attending the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars.

In , Captain Jean-Luc Picard was asked to deliver the commencement address for that year's Academy graduates. The occasion was marred by the loss of a cadet in an accident shortly before commencement. Information on this educational institute being a department was derived from the regulations that were seen in "The Measure Of A Man". The Golden Gate Bridge was inserted into some shots in post-production to make it appear that the Academy was located in San Francisco. An unseen portion of the Picard family album mentioned the academy having a " Onizuka Wing ".

The ancient Romans usually did not use verbs in inscriptions, so it would be better translated as "knowledge comes from the stars". According to Michael Okuda , the motto was inspired by a quotation on the Apollo 13 mission patch, " Ex luna, scientia ".

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The Apollo 13 quote was itself a paraphrase of the motto of the United States Naval Academy, " Ex Scientia Tridens ," which means "from knowledge, seapower. The Next Generation Companion 2nd ed. The initially shown version " Ex Astra, Scientia " was grammatically wrong, as the preposition " ex " requires the ablative case " Astris ". This error was corrected for later appearances and also in the remastered Blu-ray edition of TNG.

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The Academy emblem was based on a design by Joe Sena. There have been three versions of the Academy logo.

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The first version being the original logo seen in " The First Duty ", with the Latin grammar error. The second was seen only briefly behind Harry Kim 's interrogation in the alternate timeline in " Non Sequitur ". This logo had the updated Latin phrase and the rays of light had been inverted when compared to the original, with the outer border changing to a shade of pink rather than a red. The third logo debuted shortly thereafter with an updated Starfleet insignia and the border returning to a shade of red.

Somers felt that if Starfleet officers were properly trained, incidents like this wouldn't happen. This, however, may contradict canon as the Academy was said to be established in some form before the founding of the Federation. Sign In Don't have an account? Discussion in ' Stellaris ' started by Razzlie , May 10, Treasure fleets of gold and silver from the New World power an empire that spans the globe.

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Fleet Academy: Family

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Fleet Academy: Family Fleet Academy: Family
Fleet Academy: Family Fleet Academy: Family
Fleet Academy: Family Fleet Academy: Family
Fleet Academy: Family Fleet Academy: Family
Fleet Academy: Family Fleet Academy: Family
Fleet Academy: Family Fleet Academy: Family

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