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These handcrews can really take the heat!

When a new gang moves into town it's up to the screwball police team to stop them. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Kent Gregory Valeria Golino Admiral Benson Kevin Dunn Commander Block Jon Cryer Kowalski Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Buzz Harley Heidi Swedberg The mother of all movies! Edit Did You Know?

Trivia Some of the previews for the film jokingly claimed that Saddam Hussein 's role was played by himself.

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Goofs When the ambulance is approaching Dead Meat's crash site, it's an older model Ford. When it stops by the crater, it's a Chevy. After it picks him up and starts driving again, it's back to an older model Ford, and then when it pulls into the hospital it's a Chevy again. So is Mo Green, Tataglia, Barzini, the heads of all the five families. It is at moments like these, my dear friends, that we must ask ourselves: I mean, one minute you're in bed with a knockout gal Doesn't that bother any of you?

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Because it scares the Mix quickly with flour. Drop mixture from a teaspoon and small jagged heaps onto a cookie sheet and bake in to degrees oven.

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Alternate Versions The UK cinema version was cut to receive a '12' certificate by the BBFC with the removal of one use of 'fucking' and to add a warning sign, advising against the dangers of helium inhalation, during the scene where Topper smokes the peace pipe. An additional cut was made for the PG-rated video version to remove references to incest and bestiality from one of Topper's quips, bringing the cuts total to 22 secs. All later DVD releases still feature the heavily cut video print, but the Blu-ray release was passed completely uncut with a '12' rating in IHCs can provide a high quality cadre for fire management training at local, geographic area and national levels.

All IHCs must meet the same stringent standards for physical fitness, training, leadership, qualifications, and operational procedures, as outlined in the Standards for Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations. Most hotshot crew positions are seasonal. Employment is occasionally available during the pre- and post-season depending on weather and funding.

For more information see the links below or contact the nearest U. The physical ability of IHCs to perform arduous labor is critical to crew morale, personal health and safety standards. All IHC crew members strive to meet the following fitness standards:.

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Skip to Main Content. His therapist, Ramada Valeria Golino , tries to keep Topper from flying, but she relents, and also starts to build a budding romance with Topper. Meanwhile, Topper gets into a rivalry with another fighter pilot, Kent Gregory Cary Elwes , a former lover of Ramada and son of "Mailman" Farnham who blames Buzz Harley for his father's death, and believes Topper cannot handle combat pressure. Meanwhile, Block starts privately meeting with an airplane tycoon, Mr.

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Wilson, who has recently built a new "Super Fighter" that will make the American pilots superior. Block reveals that he brought back Topper for the reason of making Sleepy Weasel fail.

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Block would then report that it was the Navy's planes that were the real reason for the mission failure and that they need to be replaced with Wilson's planes. Block believes this is enough to convince the Navy to buy new fighters, but Wilson calls it a "minor incident", saying the planes need to fail in combat. Meanwhile, Topper starts to show more feelings for Ramada, but she is conflicted by her past with Gregory. On the carrier U. Essess , Benson reveals the mission to be an attack of an Iraqi nuclear plant and Block assigns Topper to lead the mission, much to Gregory's chagrin.

Wilson, who is also on board, coerces a crew member to sabotage the planes, putting the pilots' lives at risk. Block mentions Buzz Harley to Topper, who becomes overcome with emotion and unable to lead the mission. Block just starts to call out for the mission to be aborted when Iraqi fighters attack the squadron. All the planes' weapons fail and Block realizes what has happened.

Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots Hot Shots
Hot Shots

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