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Purchasable with gift card. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. For fans of Love, Simon and Eleanor and Park , a romantic and sweet novel about a transgender boy who falls in love for the first time—and how first love changes us all—from New York Times bestselling author Amber Smith. Maia is grieving the loss of her older sister and trying to find her place in the world without her. Falling in love was the last thing on either of their minds. But would it be so bad if it happened anyway? June 18th by Margaret K.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Something Like Gravity , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Something Like Gravity. Lists with This Book. Sep 04, Mari Yeung marked it as to-read Shelves: Sep 04, Adalee Gellar rated it it was amazing. A beautiful, bittersweet young love story that examines the challenges of grief and otherness that face teens. This novel opens up human experiences and teaches compassion and understanding throughout its pages.

I was given the opportunity to read the final draft of this novel and I highly recommend it to all readers.

The overall book follows thematic lines of kindness, understanding and self-exploration that are so vital to the young growing older and the older seeking to understand the younger. In her true fashion, Ms. Smith does not shy from challenging and unsettling content, but in this work it is tempered toward a message of hope and happiness--resulting in a beautiful takeaway that avoids the sap and histrionic content so common in love stories.

A major driving element in 'Something Like Gravity' is the impressive strength of character. Maia and Chris are both equally unique and relatable. Their humanity is inherent in every page and I found pieces of myself in both of them as I turned the pages. They are the kind of characters you root for, the kind you care about, the kind you find yourself thinking of randomly days later after reading the book.

Chris is a charming and honest example of a teen accepting his trans identity--and Ms.

Something Like Gravity

Smith makes a strong choice to skip the typical 'coming out' story and instead works with a kid who knows who he wants to become and is working toward becoming his true self. Maia is not a typical griever full of tears and aimed for pity, but a strong woman growing into an unnknown identity that is compelling and at times scandalous. The backdrop of this book, Carson, is a backwater Southern Town that creates a wonderful blend of isolationism and pastoralism for the characters to grow within. Like Gravity is easily one of my favorite books of the year.

It was that phenomenal. In the epilogue, Ms. You laugh and cry with them, you love with them. As for the story itself: All of these elements are seamlessly woven together. The most captivating element for me is the progression of the emotional transformation Brooklyn goes through. Literally, as soon as I finished I was so sad it was over I just want to pick it up and start all over.

Our heroine, Brooklyn Turner, is completely shut off from emotion, devoid of any real relationships in her life.

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Brooklyn is sassy and smart. Underneath all her hardness is an emotionally fragile girl that needs love. We get great insight to that through her many flashbacks of the past.

Something Like Gravity by Amber Smith

Her journey through this book is one of self-discovery and letting go. The tests that she puts herself through and steps she takes towards finally healing are so gratifying to read because you feel for her every step of the way. So many female characters find their strength through the man they meet. I also admired her take charge attitude. When her mind is made up there is not stopping her. Through Finn, she starts to believe that she can be herself, essentially altered by her past, but still be loved by a good man. Through Finn she starts to change and open herself up to memories and hurt that she has long buried.

And as the reader we see both sides of that discovery. She also goes through the same sort of discovery with her best friend Lexi. Their relationship is fun and heartwarming. He is kind, compassionate, and extremely patient. He knows exactly what she needs and when she needs it even though she is a complete enigma to him.

Like Gravity

The way Brooklyn describes how Finn looks at her is that of complete awe and admiration. Through her, the reader understands how much Finn cares for her and needs her. Finn is an angel in her life, without him peeling back her layers she may have been emotionally stunted for much longer. Funny at the most inappropriate times making those moments so tender between the two of them because he knows exactly how to handle her.

Finn is romantic and reflective at the same time making his emotions run far deeper than Brooklyn can even comprehend at first. He is all in with her and makes no mistake pushing her to at least be friends then continuing make breakthroughs and push through her walls. Every time she opens up a little bit or even smiles a small victory is won for Finn. There are way too many quotes in this book from Finn to list but his constant reinforcement of his feelings for her will make you swoon.

Like gravity is an extremely well written story. It completely consumed me. Julie Johnson has made a fan girl out of me with Like Gravity. The twist I didn't fully see coming and I loved it!!! I was so disappointed when it was over But, for once a stand-alone that ends so perfectly.

I just loved the two main characters that Ms. Johnson created along with their loyal and true friends. There were so many profoundly exquisite thoughts and phrases referenced along with beautiful alluring songs mentioned that I found myself highlighting so many sentences within the text of this novel. So, many beautiful expressions conveyed! Johnson made this book so believable. Brooklyn Turner is a sophomore in college.

Her life has been full of ups and downs. And, she was broken. Damaged at the young age of six when a degranged pyschopath took away the only person that mattered to her — her mother. With no family to speak of and an unidentified father that has been missing from her life, she is now a ward of the state. Foster homes are her residence until finally being settled in a home with numerous other kids. He tells her fairytales and enlightens her knowledge of the constellations within the sky.

And, she finds herself trusting the young boy with the sad blue eyes. This is the start of their beautiful friendship right up until the boy is adopted by a family of his own. But, now fourteen years have gone by, and Bee can barely remember anything that occurred around that time other than the harrowing ordeal that claimed the life of her beautiful mother. As, she tries to figure out things with the help of a caring therapist, someone is wrecking havoc on her life.

Stalking her with gifts and phone calls. Making their presence known within the apartment that she shares with best friend, Lexie. And, trying to terrify her relentlessly. No one will ever break her again. So, enter Finn Chambers. So, arrogant and sure of himself. And, she promises that she will never come in contact with him, that is until a mishap on campus actually has her literally falling at his feet. And, of course, the pompous attitude of the asshat comes out, and she is mortified beyond belief. So, much for keeping a low profile around the idiot.

And, thus, begins a romance like none other. Finn is such a great guy. One that could threaten to terminate their relationship totally.

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  4. He tries to tell Bee numerous times, but she ultimately finds out in a surreal manner, and it devastates her to her core. Will she ever be able to trust him again? Will they find their way back to each other? And, will Bee ever find happiness within herself when a deranged stalker, standing in the shadows, is just waiting for the right time to strike?

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    The novel full of intrigue, intensity, romance and friendship was outstanding! I loved Bee and Finn. Bee was such a powerful woman. She was just trying to pull herself out of that dark and gloomy hole that had consumed her entire existence.

    Always trying to keep that low profile. Never letting one into her personal space. She also knows that if she ever wants to have a relationship with Finn, she has to deal with the ramifications of the past that she has so explicitly kept hidden. So many heartfelt quotations within the text of this novel My grief had become a living entity, personified by years of self-blame and incarnated by my refusal to confront it. Too often, though, the grief broke free — and I broke down. Every tear, every smile, every heartbreak, and every victory. Music ignites the soul and strips us bare.

    Even if you have no one else to turn to and you feel all alone, remember that you can always find comfort in ballads and melodies, serenades and love songs. It was a declaration. He would be my home. It was in that instant I fell in love with him. It can make the difference between life and death, between taking one more breath or succumbing to a quick end.

    Sometimes you see change coming. You might not want it, might not be ready to embrace the new course your life is about to set out on, but at the very least you can prepare for it. Formulate a new plan. Other times, change is so sudden, so unexpected, it knocks you right on your ass and leaves you wondering how you got to this place — blindsided, with your expectations and hopes and dreams as unsalvageable as an ice cream cone dropped to the ground at the carnival, melting slowly into the dirt road.

    We lie, cheat, and steal better than we do almost anything else. We hurt each other with words, actions, and omissions. There is a one hundred percent guarantee that the people we love most will let us down. But at some point, you have to decide which ones matter more than the pain, and forgive them for their mistakes. So, if you love him, I guess the only real question you have to ask yourself, the only question that matters is, at the end of the day, is he worth the suffering?

    Angelini asking Bee if Finn is worth fighting for. How we know it. What we expect from it. What you see yourself as. How the people you come intact with during your life affect the way your life evolves. Where you think you should be. When you should be there.

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    Not just a love story between a boy and girl, but a love story between the girl and herself. And that princess, alone in her tower? Maybe she saves herself and in the end, rides off into her own goddamned sunset. The author did an exceptional job of hiding it! This was just such a riveting rollercoaster ride filled with intensity and despair.

    I was so surprised that this amazing author was so young! Her words just jumped off the page with artistry and curiosity. She definitely has a promising career ahead of her if she keeps writing novels like that! Johnson has next up her sleeve to deliver to her readers! View all 3 comments. This book blew me away. Oh god, the writing. It was just —it was… Freaking beautiful. There was a scene, I think in chapter ten or eleven, that was so intense, so passionate and so beautiful that it felt like I held my breath.

    When it was over, I exhaled in a whoosh and I was like, wow, that was incredible. That was it for me. It sucked me in and pulled me and I went because I could tell it was worth it. All I can say is that I want more, more, more. Well, probably not but dammit, I really want more! Finn and Brooklyn were such unique characters and I absolutely loved them. He was otherworldly gorgeous, like some kind of dark angel sent to save and destroy me all at once. I wouldn't say that it was solely a romantic suspense.

    Yes, it had some action some dark stuff but that's not all. It was also a beautiful love story and about letting go, battling grief. This book reminded me of Unteachable , because the writing in that book was so beautiful and haunting. I'm not saying they're similar or anything but because both of them are so good that they just reminded me of each other.

    If I had to name one thing I didn't like about this book, it would be the ending. It would have been great if we got an epilogue set in a few years later or something. I'm gonna end this review with my favorite quote from this book. Sep 28, Yomi M. The h had a traumatic experience as a child that caused her to shut herself off from the world. Despite being an introvert, she has a bubbly, social, and slutty BF. They met in kindergarten when the BF proclaimed that they would be friends.

    The h does not date or wear a lot of makeup or dress really girly. Of course, this means the BF is always forcing her to dress in the BF's slutty clothes, go out, date guys, etc. The H is the very poplar, lead singer of a band, campus man-whore, docuhebag extraordinaire. From the moment he meets the h, their interactions involve the H being cocky about his charm and good looks while the h "pretends" she is not affected but secretly she is in lust. I ask how many times have you read this in other books? For me, it has been too many times. I wish authors would put more effort in their stories instead of recycling the same tired materials to make a quick buck.

    Before I end this review I want to mention something that infuriated me. The h sees her mother shot and killed when she is a kid. This is so traumatic she stops talking for a few months.

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    According to the story, she went to several counselors who forced her to talk about her experience and then became angry when she would not say anything. There is no way that counselors would behave this way. They are specifically trained to handle children that have selective mutism as a result of trauma. This is yet another example of how this author put very little thought when writing this story. I was also upset that the h treated her childhood trauma like it had just happened. You are not going to experience a childhood trauma at that intensity and frequency when you are in your 20s.

    I hate it when a character that has experienced something bad makes everything about that event and acts like no one understands their pain bc they are so different and special. The storyline captivating and beautiful. It was dark at some points and light and fun at others. I can't remember a time when I went from laughing to tears on a matter of paragraphs. The writing is absolutely beautiful. The description of emotions is unlike anything I've read before. It took me a little longer than normal to read this book because I kept 're reading paragraphs or conversations because they were so beautifully written.

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